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On août 30, 2018

Today when it comes to appreciating series, openings are very critical. Every TV show tries to have the best intro possible to create their own signature. Here is our selection (not a ranking) of the 10 best TV show openings you would never skip and enjoy each time. Let’s watch it without reserve!

#1 Viking

Bleak and captivating, this opening is a great achievement where melancholia and mysticism reach an all-time high. It’s a whole scene of its own that depicts the passage of the Nordic warriors from the world of the living to the Walhalla, the kingdom of the Scandinavian gods.

#2  Game of Thrones

A thousand times repeated and parodied, the masterly opening of « Game of Thrones » occupies a very important place in the series universe, both for its description of the key places of the plot and its melody forever housed in our brains.


#3 True Detective (season 1)

Heady music and stunning visuals: the excellent « True Detective » clearly has one of the most memorable openings over the last few years.

#4 Daredevil

By far, the best Marvel TV show. In fact, there are very few openings that people never skip and Daredevil is one of them. Graphics are esthetic and the music going on is just amazing. Pure, elegance, this opening depicts his city, his belief in the law and his Catholic faith.

#5 Dexter

Even those who don’t like the show will be forced to admit that this opening, filming the morning breakfast ritual as if it were a crime, is rather clever and addictive.

#6 West World

This opening will literally give you an eargasm, above all if you like piano music and its sweet sound, bewitching. The approach is quite artistic and the show is amazing as well. Simply beautiful and one of the best intro songs ever.

#7 Black Sails

This opening is quite simple but very effective at the same time. The music really gives a great beat and will keep your attention focus.

#8 Flesh and bone

Brillant and stunning. These 2 words describe this very addicted opening. Be careful you will get used to it!

#9 American Gods

By far one of the most original series openings. Sexy, sinful and a bit psychedelic, you will be taken away by the colors and its disturbing aspect.

#10 Narcos

The song of this opening will make you start your own coke business. The sound is so smooth, catchy and it fits very well with the visual. If you do skip Narcos intro, you really miss something out.

#11 Magnum PI (opening bonus)

This opening is so remindful and iconic of the eighties. Besides, have to say that Tom Selleck is the only man who can wear a pornstache and look badass. Testosterone reaches an all-time high in this opening.

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