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On septembre 18, 2018

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Who does not know Tom Cruise? The American actor made his cinema breakthrough at age 21 in Risky Business (1983). Then he received a worldwide attention for playing in American success movies like Top Gun (1986) or War of the Worlds (2005). Despite a career marked by many twists and turns, Tom Cruise keeps hitting the headlines with his new appearance in the last Mission: Impossible. We picked out for you some of his best movies.

#1 Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Since a fourth opus that got the saga on track, the M: I movies have become one of the best US action blockbuster franchise, surpassing all its rivals who could claim this coveted title. The script is inventive, action scenes are crazy and get better and better with each film.

Still amazing with his stunts, Tom cruise keeps hitting the headlines and deserves his reputation. The actor made scenes that are more real than life. Clearly his best movie. Your eyes will take a hit.

Tom Cruise in Mission: impossible Fall out

#2 The Last Samurai

This film is a great immersion into the Japanese culture and story. Tom Cruise stars as Nathan Algren, a Us veteran soldier hired by the emperor to wipe out the samurai. Captured by them, the captain will learn and experience the old ways and traditions of the Nippon civilization.

Then, the whole movie takes its sense when Nathan finds himself conflicted over who he should be fighting alongside to regain his honor. Quite emotional, this movie can give you some tears. The music made by Hans Zimmer is magnificent and fits very well with the atmosphere.

#3 Rain Man

Skillfully blending drama and comedy, this movie shows the particular story of 2 brothers, signing a sublime fable about the lack of communication in our societies, troubled by false values. Emotional and deeply human, this movie is likely to give you some tears.

When it comes to the acting, both actors are remarkable especially Dustin Hoffman who excels in the role of the autistic brother. The most interesting thing is to see the evolution of the characters, their dialogues, their relations. You won’t get bored watching this movie. Simply beautiful, moving, well shot. A must see!

#4 Minority Report

This movie is a science fiction masterpiece. Full of suspense and action, it will deliver you a truthful vision of the future in which every crime can be prevented. Visually, the film is a success. The sets, special effects, costumes are genius and the photo, although very particular, perfectly matches the rhythm and atmosphere of the film.

Needles to mention that Tom Cruise is still excellent and brings his contribution to the film. Nonetheless, the biggest asset of the film is its scenario so try to find on your own. No spoil here!

#5 Risky Business

This is the film that launched the career of Tom Cruise. We can already notice the great talent of the actor in a movie a bit simple, where we follow the story of a young man, who succumbs to the madness of the curious and dreamy youth. Between ideal and nightmare, the teen will discover the joys of love and money.

To sum up, this movie is nice and deals with pimping in a funny way. But the most interesting thing is to see the acting of the young, charming and handsome Tom Cruise.

#6 Edge of tomorrow

The project of making this film was really intriguing and we have to say that it is a very nice surprise. Suspense, action, love story, a well-thought script, everything is gathered to make a good action film. Tom Cruise is still excellent in this blockbuster that succeeded to bring originality and epicness on the big screen.

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